The Laundry Hamper is the easiest way to offer your tenants personalised 24/7 laundry and dry cleaning services. We use the latest online laundry and dry cleaning delivery software to maximise the benefits and minimise the hassle. Our discrete lockers can be placed in any available space to start delivering valet laundry and dry cleaning services proven to attract and retain tenants and employees.

Reduce building management costs

Our locker based laundry and dry cleaning service can turn under utilised, costly spaces into space that generates income. Call today about how we can reduce your building management costs. There are zero set up fees or ongoing maintenance fees.

Attract and retain better tenants

Having a personalised laundry and dry cleaning service in your building adds to the appeal of your apartment or workplace. This helps keep existing tenants and employees happy and attracts quality tenants who appreciate a quality service.

Differentiate yourself from other building management companies

Partnering with The Laundry Hamper to offer this innovative service will allow you to add extra value to your building and reduce apartment owners’ management costs. You will differentiate your management company from your competitors’.

Zero Maintenance

Our laundry and dry cleaning locker service is configurable to your building's specific needs and decor. Our lockers are designed to be convenient and low maintenance, we take care of any maintenance the lockers may require.

Free Advertising

All Laundry Hamper locations are listed on our website. This means you will have potential new tenants searching for locations that offer our services.